Aditya Recycling Machines

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Food waste is the heaviest and most ecologically harmful element from the waste stream.

Aditya Recycling revolutionizes the sanitation industry by recycling food waste into food for plants, or biofuel returning it back to nature.

Aditya Recycling was founded in November 2011, the company’s business scope is new energy and environmental protection. The company's main business:
1. Design and construct large and medium-sized biogas projects.
2. Develop, manufacture and sell related products needed to build family size biogas system.
3. Develop, manufacture and sell new style small size biogas digesters.                                      4. Develop, manufacture and sell recycling machines to covert food waste into food for plants.

We have tied up with worldwide leaders to bring this latest technology to India.

In simple words we help you convert your food waste into a rich source of water, fertilizer or biofuel.

Food Waste Disposers

Food waste disposers (FWDs) offer countless benefits to householders and local authorities. They separate food waste effortlessly in-home, reduce the need for kerbside collections, reduce cross contamination of waste streams, cut waste to landfill, and provide a rich source of water, fertilizer and renewable energy.

A typical situation 

Food Waste Facts  BIG PROBLEM…

  • An estimated 7.2 million tonnes per year of food and  drink waste is generated by UK households
  • 19% of food and drink brought into the home ends up as kitchen waste
  • On average, each household produces 270 kg of food waste a year, or 5 kg per week
  • 4.6 million tonnes per year (64%) is collected by Local Authorities  mainly through kerbside collection (98%)
  • Food waste represents 19% of the entire waste stream for Local  Authorities
  • 17 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions is generated by food and drink waste

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Food waste is the most difficult fraction of biodegradable municipal waste to manage

  • 70% moisture content

  • Biodegrades rapidly so prone to become putrid, smelly and ooze leachate

  • Attracts scavengers

  • Respiratory risk to susceptible people when stored

  • Sticks to dry recyclables


  • Convenient

  • Take most food waste

  • Good carbon footprint
  • Hygienic – cleaner food preparation area

Indian Situation

New Product

Manual Turn around food waste decomposer

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Portable Solar Waste Food       Bio Fuel Generation System

Introduced for the first time in India

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Introducing the EARTH SYSTEM Home Decomposer

Introduced for the first time in India

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Reverse Vending Machine Pays You to Recycle

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