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Food Waste Decomposers

Eco-Smart Co. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Food Waste Decomposer in Korea. Preserving our environment for next generations to come has become a worldwide concern. In response to such a concern, our commitment is to develop and manufacture various products that provide ultimate solution for protecting our environment from pollution caused by human activity. In particular, waste treatment in the food processing industry has become the center of current environmental issues. Thus, we are dedicated to developing and applying innovative technologies to our products in order to prevent environmental pollution from food wastes produced by a variety of commercial premises.

Eco-Smart has been manufacturing 4 (four) types of decomposer.

1. Drying Decomposer

The Eco-Smart DD unit decomposes food waste and turns it into compost within 10-18 hours.

It eliminates pathogens, foul odors and pests associated with food waste. It does not require additives or prior assortment of food items prior to the start of the cycle. 

Through the process of dehydration during the decomposition process, the Eco-Smart DD reduces the volume and weight of food waste by 85-95%. This reduction means 50% lower garbage and dump fees for the average company.

The diverse models of Eco-Smart DD differ by processing capacity and can be properly sized for the needs of any kitchen operation.

2. Liquefying Decomposer

The Eco-Smart LFD decomposes food waste into water by using microorganisms.

These microorganisms convert protein, fibroid material, and fatty oil contained in food waste into water.  Utilizing the same basic premise as wastewater treatment plants, the Eco Smart LFD provides an optimal condition in which natural microorganisms decompose food waste into water as efficiently as possible.

The Eco-Smart LFD units change 98% of the food waste into the water within 24hours - which can then be safely drained into the existing plumbing system with no harmful effects on the environment. This allows you to reduce the cost of waste disposal by 40%-70% and reduces the amount of waste being transported to landfills.

The various LFD models differ by their processing capacity, which make it suitable for all kinds of businesses.

3. Fermentative Decomposer

Eco-Smart FD decomposes food waste into compost by using microorganism.

The Eco-Smart FD units change 80-90% of the food waste into compost - which can then be safely used as soil amendments or as natural fertilizer for gardening or farming.

The diverse models of Eco-Smart DD differ by processing capacity and can be properly sized for the needs of any kitchen operation.

4. Grinding & Compacting

Eco-Smart Grinding & Compacting unit grinds and compacts all kinds of food waste by using screw system. It reduces 60%-80% volume of food waste.