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Introducing the EARTH SYSTEM Home Decomposer

Eart System Home Decomposer reduces 85% of your kitchen food waste and produces organic soil which can be used as a fertiliser for your home garden.It not only stops bad odour but also reduces the menace of mosquitoes flies and other insects.

Earthsystem Feature:

        • Reduction 85% Kitchen waste.

        • Automatic decompose.

        • Easy to use.

        • Decomposition in 24 hours.

Very easy to operate.  Procedure explained in detail below

Drain the kitchen waste and put into earthsystem, solve your annoying kitchen waste problem.

Automatic stir design easy to take the soil.

Recycle of organic resources.

Prevent excessive chem-ical fertilizers.

Growing beneficial microbes against pests and diseases.

Demo canbe seen below

Earthsystem Operation instruction