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HELIX EC-201 - Reverse Vending Machine


HELIX is a time and cost saving way to collect discarded PET bottles & cans daily

Insert discarded beverage into the machine opening, the following processes will take place:

HELIX for PET bottles & cans is a product to collect recycling resources in a most efficient way to reduce waste at the same time save the environment through reduction of CO2 emission.

This machine is motor-driven structure to analyse metal & non-metal as the first process slot. Second slot detects foreign substances like glass & wood, etc.

Reverse Vending Machine is a technology design to conceptualize recycling activity as easy, fun, conscientious and at the same time educating the correct mindset of recycling. It consists of feeding, compression, separation, crushing and storage compartments.

Product Description

1. Saving huge money & time 
2. Contribute to the improvement of environment 
3. Eco-friendly device 
4. Customer reward function 
5. AD Effect through LCD monitor

Product Feature

LCD monitor advertisement
24 hour ad like local government related news, environmental news or corporate brand advertising and local ads is possible applying 7"~20" LCD Monitor as LCD monitor ad system applied in Helix. The effectiveness of the announcement can be maximized applying the system so ads can be changed easily while changing ad contents and reducing costs for the advertisers and citizens' environmental consciousness can be improved.

Point accumulation system
Point accumulation card system applied in Helix is remote management system by internet. If empty PET bottles or cans are fed in the slot and the empty vessels are collected automatically, client's points for it can be accumulated. It enhances environmental awareness providing the opportunity to participate together in increasing the collection rate of recycling resources and the environmental conservation efforts to reduce Co2 by giving points to the users using accumulation type card like OK-Cash Bag or T-Money.

Internet network system
Internet network system applied in Helix, as a feature by which the central manager can check equipment fault diagnosis capabilities, LCD advertising ON / OFF function, the member management features and point accumulation fuctions and etc., is equipped with controllable features by human who administrates the machines installed in several places because processing time and capacity for collected PET bottles and cans can be checked at a glance.

Front sticker ads
Sticker ads system applied in Helix, as a ubiquitous advertising technique along with LCD monitor ads, can maximize the effectiveness of the ads attaching the advertisement which cannot be done by LCD ads to the front and both sides, more friendly image ads can be done to people with the combination of city-friendly Helix design and sticker ad, and higher advertising efficiency can be realized at a lower cost than LCD advertising.

Additional Features :

Built-in system analyser to differentiate inserted material. If the item is other than PET bottle or aluminium can, it will reject it.

Reduce the original volume up to 92%. The crushing processor shreds PET bottles and compressed aluminium cans.

Separate compartment storage for PET bottles and cans

Other materials will be dropped out to the output compartment for user’s retrieval

Product Specification / Models

Model EC-201 Size W1000mm x L709mm x H1862mm
Processing type Recycling time PET⇒ Shredding CAN ⇒Compression
Recycling time 6 Sec/EA
Recognition By material empties.
Operating system Installed 32inch LCD screen window XP
Network PC-based network installed, function for users Compensation
(Points earned, receipts output)
Basket Capacity PET:600EA(based on 500ml)
Power / Motor 110~220V/50~60Hz Compressor: 1HP Shredder: 1HP
Others Door to remove other materials

Field Application fields Expected fields
General business
Video : company PR & ads,PR/ads image, TV news channel images/Flash:PR/Advertising photos, company view, presentation for company products
News : anouncement, latest news, Stock Information, Economy news
Video : PR for city/province/district/Dong,
Enhancing corporate image / corporate advertising / corporate communications
visitor information service:KIOSK integrastion
quick & easy delivery of notices
Public offices Movements of the heads in major events, PR/Ads image, TV news channel
image/Flash: PR/Ads, Information, Company view, Introduction of the Head
News: anouncement,latest news, notification on event/campaign
Enhancing digital information image quick delivery of the news on City/Province/District/Dong Service for visitors improvement/Communicationutilization Promotional tool for City/Province/Distric/Dong or local advertising to attract
Financial Institutions
Video : moving status of employees for company PR & major events Image/Flash : PR/Ads, Replacing Poster/ placard TV : PR/Ads image, TV news channel news : anouncements, Latest news, notification on Event/Campaign/ Standby number Enhancement of corporate image corporate advertisement/corporate promotion information service for visitors:KIOSK integration quick & easy delivery of notices
General stores Video : Product image, Store view, public relations / advertising video, Image/Flash : introduction of main products, Replacing Poster/ placard
TV : entertainment channels, sports, sales information, new product lauching events/campaign notification
Video : PR video for Wedding halls, The bride and groom video letter, Image/Flash: The bride and groom photos/family photos
Introduction of Featured Products
introduction on instant sales & events by hour
proding video according to characteristics of the store
grafting with interior
Wedding halls Camera: Outdoor photography, wedding scene introduction
: Gratitude greetings, Information on wedding hours, introduction for reception place
Video: Ads video,information
Differentiated features from other wedding halls
Effects of wedding place promotion & hosting clients
Added revenue effects for image ads
Effects to attract advertising for
related industries
Terminal/Airport station/Stand-by Hall Introduction for scenic spots,
Image/Flash : itinerary,weather,hours
News : Thank you greeting,
Information on wedding hours, introduction for reception place
Information features in public place
Revenue from commercial advertising
PR / bulletin / notice boards Features / Highlights offered
Real estate
Videos: information
for sale, rental items
lash : Efficient use of space for store display
news : For quick sale, recommended foods, sale / target event
videos : videos for ads, product information, event information
Repeat business by providing personalized information
Differentiation image in a competitive environment
PR / bulletin / notice boards feature /delivery of regional information
Main branch,
Chain store
Image/Flash : Featured Products, introduction for chain store, information,
TV: Sports, Drama,Movies, News: Discount sales events, announcements, Information
Effects of attracting advertisements of related biz, Chain store information, event utilization, promotion for new products
Image enhancement of chain stores